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Prenez garde aux vendeurs d'illusion (Josey)

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To be continued ....

Dear supporters of the blog WOMEN & AFRICA,

Unfortunately, 2016 marks the end of our adventure. This blog will not be updated anymore. However, we can stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you for your faithfulness over the years. Older posts will remain available but they will belong to the owner of this blog. If you want to republish anything, feel free to reach out to her. We hope our articles will continue to educate more people as we have decided to be hands-on in our approach. 
For more information, please follow  us on Facebook and Twitter.
The adventure continues in a different direction. Will you join us?

Jessica Foumena,
Founder of WOMEN & AFRICA

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Beninese students explain why girls should go to school [VIDEO]

This year, the theme for the #IWD2016 was #PledgeForParity. We also joined the campaign of the Yali network #Africa4Her. In honor of  this special day, we asked a group of high school students from Benin (Africa) "Why should girls go to school like boys?" Our first video is available below. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

Around the world, girls face barriers to education that boys do not. But educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation. The statistics below from the film 'Girl Rising' offer insights on those barriers and also illustrate the lasting impact education has on girls, families, communities and nations around the world. 31 million girls of primary school age are out of school around the world, and women make up nearly two thirds of the world's illiterate adults. (UNESCO, 2013)In total around the world, 62 million girls are not in school. (USAIDS, 2015)$33 billion is India's potential econo…

Happy international women's day! Joyeuse journée internationale de la Femme!

WAA joins #Africa4Her /WAA rejoint #Africa4Her

WOMEN & AFRICA INTERNATIONAL (WAA) is a faith-based international organization dedicated to build a better future for the continent of Africa and women across the globe. We aim to improve the lives of the youth and women, particularly those living on the African continent. Therefore, we have naturally made the decision to join #Africa4Her 2016, a YALI network-wide initiative to raise awareness about the importance of investing in women and girls. 
WOMEN & AFRICA INTERNATIONAL (WAA) est une organisation internationale dédiée àconstruire un avenir meilleur pour le continent africain et les femmes à travers le monde. Nous visons a améliorer les conditions de vie de la jeunesse et les femmes, surtout celles vivant sur le continent africain. Naturellement, nous avons décider de rejoindre la campaigne #Africa4Her 2016, une initiative du réseau YALI pour sensibiliser l'importance d'investir dans l'avenir des filles et des femmes. 

Our vision is to spread a positive image of…

Angélique Kidjo wins her third Grammy award/Angélique Kidjo gagne son troisième Grammy [VIDEO]

Watching Angélique Kidjo danced her way to her third Grammy award certainly filled many with a joyful pride. This is because Kidjo did not just dance for herself. Kidjo danced for hope, joy and peace in Benin and  across the African continent. This is because Kidjo's Africa and hopefully your Africa is on the rise, positive and joyful.  
             Africa is on the rise. Africa is positive. Africa is joyful. L'Afrique est en marche. L'Afrique est positive. L'Afrique est joyeuse.                                    ~Angélique Kidjo~
Plusieurs personnes ont certainement été remplies d'une fierté joyeuse en voyant Angélique Kidjo danser pour recevoir son troisième Grammy. C'est parce que Kidjo n'a pas juste dansé pour elle-même. Kidjo a dansé pour l'espoir, la joie et la paix au Bénin et à travers le continent Africain. C'est parce que l'Afrique de Kidjo et peut-être la vôtre aussi, s'élève positivement et joyeusement.